A Mason

A Mason is a man who
professes a faith in God.  
As a man of faith, he uses
the tools of moral and
ethical truths to serve

A Mason binds himself to
like minded men in a
brotherhood that
transcends all religious,
ethnic, social, cultural and
educational differences.

In fellowship with his
Brothers, a Mason finds
ways in which to serve his
God, his family, his fellow
man and his country.

A Mason is dedicated. He
recognizes his
responsibility for justice,
truth, liberty, honesty and
integrity in all aspects of
human endeavor.

A Mason is all of this and

What Are Masons?

A group (fraternity) of men
who enjoy sharing the
virtues of honesty,
morality, integrity and

What Do Masons Do?

Masons contribute, not
necessarily monetarily,
but by living their lives in
such a manner that the
world is better because of
they live in it.
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